Monday, July 7, 2008

Neither Here nor There

It has really been way too long since I last posted, but I gotta big up Sean Blaze for holding down the fort in my absence. My hunch is that nobody reads this shit anyway, but since we don't have a counter, there's no way to actually know. In any case, I thought it would be a good idea to hit you with some things that have been in my sphere lately that you may get a kick out of.

First off, my bro (get well, man) put me on to the Juan Epstein Show podcast, featuring DJs Peter Rosenberg (center) and Cipha Sounds (right). I've only peeped a couple, but they're self-proclaimed "Hip Hop Heads," and they seem to know their shit (at least, as far as old-school is concerned). They jock Kanye a little too much for my liking, and they get squeamish over the new Li'l Wayne record (seems everybody but me and Sean does these days), but they kowtow to Primo and Pete Rock, and, ultimately, that's what matters. Since it's a podcast, nearly everything goes, and it's truly entertaining. Search the shit on your Itunes Store.

Bloggers (especially those frequenting Kanye's) have probably heard about him catching Soulja Boy's back in the beef with Ice-T. I could care less. What really fucked me up was 'Ye's comparison of SB to Nas, let alone that wack-ass beat for "Crank That" to "Silent Murder." HELLLLL NO. I understand Kanye's known for making inflammatory comments, seemingly without thought, but this is some delusional shit. Other than the steel drum, there's no comparison. Other than being in the same line of work, you're talking about Matt Bonner and Tim Duncan. Graduation was WACK, homie. Get your shit straight.

Next to snap a neck, we got a Lou Bond track, "To the Establishment," flipped by none other than Ant for the Albino wonder, Brother Ali's "Picket Fence." Not my favorite track from "Shadows on the Sun," but the beat is sooo $. The soulful humming just gets me all amped. No creative chop-job, but this one doesn't need it. Hotness.

My final joint was apparently utilized by Cam'ron for "The Roc (Just Fire)" with Memphis Bleek and Beanie Sigel. Although, I'm positive I've heard it somewhere else. Regardless of its sample resume, "Warlock" is a dope library cut by the Reg Tilsley Orchestra with such crisp, analogue horns.

And on that note...

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