Monday, February 4, 2008

ahhh yeaa....what's up digable peoples.  so this is bluntimus prime signing on for the first time- i know i've been slackin lately but all that's about to change. this first post is gonna be a few random sample gems used mf doom, rjd2, digable planets, and biggie, and my next post (soon to come) will be a full album of funky brooklyn soul, so get hyped.  first up though, we have "I know I've been wrong" by Mashmakhan, a Canadian Rock Fusion group from the 70's (intro picture is of these smiling whities of the north- go check em' out on wikipedia). doom used Mashmakhan for a couple of his beats- they have a self-titled album plus one called The Family- both of which must be fire.  Get on look out for those records.

Moving on we have The Intruders with "Memories are Here To Stay", one of the original philly soul groups to work with producers like Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff, and this is the track rjd2 used for Here's What Left.  Off the fantastic album "Save the Children", which has a few other samples, "Memories" is one of those mellow mellow soul grooves that isn't as poppy as motown, but neither as funky or bluesy as stax.

The next hot track is Sonny Rollins' "Mambo Bounce" played by the Sonny Rollins Quartet.  This dude is still goin at it hard at the age of 78, but one of my favorite albums of his is from 1957- Way Out West (check out the ill cover art).

To continue on without rambling too much uselessness, the next track is from Dave Grusin, "Either Way"- sample for Biggie's "Everyday Struggle", another mellow banger.

The last track i'm gonna hit you with is Stevie Wonder's "How Can You Believe?", the sample for mf doom's "Great Day".

Now being that this is my first post i haven't got the format down, nor all the video's and random pictures that will come in the future. But enough of that, enjoy these hot tracks, enjoy that hot shit that sampled them, and long live hip hop.  

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