Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Creative Control

It's been a minute now but finally here's a post that's worth your while. Me and Taka got our show "Creative Control" on WOBC 91.5, Oberlin College Radio. Y'all should peep it. We got nothing but hotness manipulated by Serato Scratch and Ableton Live. I don't think there's ever been a show like it in WOBC's history. Anyway here's our shows from the last two weeks. These should plant the seed to check our show live either on air or webcast from wobc.org Wednesday nights/Thursday mornings 12-2am. There's no playlist. Sorry. We would love some feedback though so holla at us. I apologize for the lack of posts recently (stay busy!!) but be sure to keep checking everyday.

Creative Control 2/27: Part 1
Part 2

Creative Control 3/5: Part 1
Part 2

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