Sunday, April 13, 2008

Educated Consumption

Aight. So me and my boy Yuri were up at WOBC, checking out the albums that come through every week. Usually, there's a whole bunch of shit that rolls thru, nothing too impressive. Then we popped in this album by Educated Consumers. The album title is Write/Hear. Looking at that, I was like "This album is going to be hilariously disgusting". It turns out that at the first listen of the title track, it was incredible. The production on this album is on some real boom bap shit and the MC's are pretty fucking good. Unfortunately, I do not know much about this group but I'm already hooked. If you liked that Y Society shit that dropped last year, or groups like K-Otix and Gangstarr, peep this.


Anonymous said...

Oh shit! this blog is fire. Keep up the good work.


MiggetyMPCMaster said...

Educated Consumers Free Ep "The Waiting Room" is available for download @